Month: October 2019

Open Source ERP Solution Summary

Recap In this series, my team and I looked at Odoo, ERPNext, Dolibarr, and Tryton. We stepped through the installation, configuration and initial offerings each ERP solution. We came to a conclusion about the installation and overall offerings of these packages: not all of them are for us. Odoo The first open source ERP solution..

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Ionic React: An Introduction

Intro For more information about ionic react and to view the tutorial that got me started go to Today I am going to build a simple JIRA App using Ionic react that displays a list of currently open issues for a particular user. Getting Started First things first, download the latest Ionic CLI: The..

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Open Source ERP Solutions, Part Four: Tryton


Check out Part 1: Odoo, Part 2: ERPNext, Part 3: Dolibarr Today I am going to be taking a look at the open source business solution Tryton. According to, “TRYTON is business software, ideal for companies of any size, easy to use, complete and 100% Open Source.” Tryton runs a pretty modular setup which has..

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Open Source ERP Solutions, Part Three: Dolibarr

Check out Part 1: Odoo, Part 2: ERPNext, Part 4: Tryton Dolibarr Setup & Offerings Dolibarr is a PHP based open source ERP/CRM. I am following the Advanced Setup process because I prefer to clone the repo and get things running that way. They also offer compressed archives which you would extract into a webserver..

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