Author: Andy Honeycutt

Build an Ajax-enabled Django widget

Introduction In this article I go over the full build out of an ajax-enabled Django widget. Although I will walk through all of the steps necessary to create this widget, this article does assume you have at least some understanding of Django, ajax, and JavaScript. Check out some of our other Django-centric articles: with Docker,..

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Codemux: a RESTful language interpreter

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What is it? Code Multiplex, written in Python / Django / Django Rest Framework, is an open source RESTful application / RESTful language interpreter. Since it’s a REST application, it allows access to remote scripts without predefined language restrictions: you send JSON and you receive JSON. It’s a “Language as a Service” model, “Interpreter as..

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Open Source ERP Solution Summary

Recap In this series, my team and I looked at Odoo, ERPNext, Dolibarr, and Tryton. We stepped through the installation, configuration and initial offerings each ERP solution. We came to a conclusion about the installation and overall offerings of these packages: not all of them are for us. Odoo The first open source ERP solution..

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Open Source ERP Solutions, Part Four: Tryton


Check out Part 1: Odoo, Part 2: ERPNext, Part 3: Dolibarr Today I am going to be taking a look at the open source business solution Tryton. According to, “TRYTON is business software, ideal for companies of any size, easy to use, complete and 100% Open Source.” Tryton runs a pretty modular setup which has..

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Open Source ERP Solutions, Part Three: Dolibarr

Check out Part 1: Odoo, Part 2: ERPNext, Part 4: Tryton Dolibarr Setup & Offerings Dolibarr is a PHP based open source ERP/CRM. I am following the Advanced Setup process because I prefer to clone the repo and get things running that way. They also offer compressed archives which you would extract into a webserver..

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